Hand-Copied Bible

“And the word of the Lord was precious in those days.” (1 Samuel 3:1)

How many Bibles are in your home right now? How many of them are read on a daily or even a periodic basis? I read some time ago of a Russian man by the name of Yuri, who for several months came home from work every night to the tedious but important task of hand-copying a friend’s Bible — carefully, letter by letter, verse by verse, hour after hour. The work was slow, but Yuri, who had been recently saved, knew it would probably be the only Bible he would ever own.

There are millions of people in North Korea and other countries around the world that would like to have their own Bible. Many Bibles are smuggled into these countries by missionaries and other Christians. However, as one person involved in such operations said, “Over the past years thousand of Bibles have been smuggled … but it is like a crumb for a thousand mouths.” Most of my readers have the Bible at their fingertips. How thankful we should be! — read it — value it — love it!


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