Christ, the PHYSICIAN

There goes the Physician! See the blinds of yonder house are drawn, the knocker is muffled, the carriage stops, the physician enters. Some afflicted sufferer is there.

Sin has introduced a host of evils into our world! Sin has . . .

robbed us of health — and introduced disease,
deprived us of pleasure — and has filled us with pain!

It is not only the body that is diseased — but the soul labors under a fatal malady! "Your whole head is injured, your whole heart afflicted. From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no soundness — only wounds and welts and open sores!" (Isaiah 1:5-6). On this account, Jesus came into the world as the Great Physician. He is Jehovah-Rophi, the Lord that heals all our diseases. He brings us health and cure, and brings it all gratis. The dispensary of grace is always open for our reception! Advice is given and medicines are administered — without money and without price.

No case is desperate if application is made to Him; none need despair of a cure, or doubt His kindness. His only question is, "Will you be made whole?" If the sinner answers yes, He says, "I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you your wounds!" He is as tender as He is skillful; as ready as He is able — and over His door is always written, "I will in never cast any out" "Whoever will — may come." Glorious Physician! Heal my sick soul, restore me to sound soul health; and enable me to show forth the wonders of your skill and kindness. To you will I look for healing, even as Israel of old looked to "the brazen serpent Moses had made" and every one of them were healed! There is a "Balm in Gilead" — and you are "the Physician" there!

Jesus heals the broken-hearted,
O! how sweet the sound to me
Once beneath my sin He smarted,
Groaned and bled, to set me free.

By His sufferings, death, and merits,
By His Godhead, blood and pain,
Broken hearts or wounded spirits
Are at once made whole again.


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