Christ, the VINE

On the side of this house, grows a fruitful vine. Jesus is the TRUE VINE — and all His people are branches in Him. They are united to Him by faith and love — and derive from Him all their verdure, beauty, fruitfulness, and life. Could they be separated but one moment from Jesus — they must droop, fade, and die. He is the stem which supports them, and the root which supplies them. They bear fruit in Him, fruit of the same nature as the vine to which they are united — good fruit. They are entirely dependent upon Him, and separate from Him — they can do nothing. God expects to find fruit on every branch that professes to be united unto the living vine; and every branch that bears no fruit, is taken away and cast into the fire.

The fruit-bearing branch is pruned; sanctified trials and troubles are employed, to detach it from earth — and to lead it unto closer fellowship with the Lord Jesus. The gracious influences of the Holy Spirit — like the wind; the communications of Jesus' grace — like the rays of the sun; and the rain of the Father's blessing — unite to make these branches fruitful and beauteous.

True and living "VINE," let me realize union to you, live in real dependence upon you, derive all my nourishment from you, and bring forth much fruit to your praise and glory! I would . . .

possess your nature,
cheer your people,
ornament your house,
and be grateful to yourself!

Is He a vine? His heavenly root
Supplies the boughs with life and fruit;
O let a lasting union join
My soul, the branch, to Christ the Vine!


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