How does God Care for us?

WHAT does He do? He cares for you. He thinks of you. He watches over you. He sympathizes with you. He feels the deepest interest in you. He ever seeks your welfare. He infallibly secures your good.

Your misery touches His heart; your needs lie open to His view; and your cries enter into His ears. He cares for you — more than for the proudest monarch on his throne, or the mightiest production of his power.

He cares for you, and His care is constant — it is not fitful or occasional, but ever the same.

He cares for you, and His care is paternal; it is the care of a father for His child, the child whom He tenderly loves, and for whose welfare He feels the deepest concern.

He cares for you, and His care is perpetual; He will never care for you less than He does at present; when old age weakens you, when needs pinch you, when death appears just before you — he will care for you as much as He did in youth, or as He does at this moment.

He cares for you, and His care is beneficial; it prevents innumerable evils, and secures the greatest possible amount of good. It is more advantageous than the care of the kindest father, though that father were monarch of the mightiest empire, and possessed unbounded wealth! The care of God is of more value than the care of all His creatures combined.

He cares for you, but His care is mysteriously exercised; it benefits us certainly — but secretly. It conceals itself behind the blessings it brings, and the evils it prevents.

He cares for you, and His care is special; it is not the care which He has for the beasts which perish, or the sinners who die under his frown. It is care that extends to the very hairs of your heads — which are all numbered; and to all the events and occurrences of life — however minute or commonplace.


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