A Disciple of Christ and the Requirements to be one

A disciple is defined as a learner, a pupil, one who comes to be taught. So where do we start? First, we must determine who the Lord Jesus truly is (Mark 8:27-30). Next, we must make the decision to take the road less traveled, which means that following Christ is about denying ourselves. The word “deny” means “to resist, reject, or to refuse; to say no to oneself.” It is used this way in Mark 14:72. Third, we are to take up our cross, which speaks of death. Lastly, we are told to lose our lives for Christ’s sake. Luke 14:25-35 lays out the requirements of discipleship.

Suggested focus: How do the following passages impact us?

  • Outline Luke 14:25-35, looking at each requirement.
  • How do Luke 9:23-26 and Luke 9:57-62 go along with the prerequisites to discipleship?


Article series: Discipleship - Missions in Focus 2019

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