Do you enjoy HIS LOVE?

“Having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end” (John 13:1).

The simple, unqualified phrase, “His own” speaks volumes. The human heart has a peculiar joy in having something that it can call its own. It is not so much the value of what is possessed as the simple consciousness that it is mine. In just this way, the Lord speaks of us. He would occupy you neither with yourself nor with your feeble estimate of Him, but with His estimate of you.

Are you prepared for this divine love, which speaks and acts entirely from its source within Himself without thinking about what you used to be? He died not merely in pity and compassion to save you from hell, but out of love for you. Now He calls you His own!

We should never look for the reason for His love, but should be content that the reason for it is to be found in that love itself. We are simply to own that we are His! He loves “to the end”—to the end of our path in the world! He knows the failure that marks every step we will take; He knows the coldness, faithlessness, and treachery of our hearts, and yet He loves us to the end!

Was there ever love that was tried like His? Oh, how it stands the heaviest strains that we put upon it. He delights to have us near Him in the enjoyment of His love. He died that we might know and take our place there—and He now lives to maintain us in unhindered enjoyment of it.

He will not easily give up what He acquired at so great a cost. The object of His love now is to secure our hearts for Himself while He is away. For, having loved His own who are in the world, He loves them to the end.


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