For the new year

Thou standest on the threshold
of days which are unknown;
Thou standest at the gateway
of paths unmapped, unshown;
But God Himself is with thee-
thy Savior, Keeper, Friend;
And He will not forsake thee,
nor leave thee to life' s end.

Thou standest, and thou askest-
"What have the days in store ?"
He answereth thee, "Blessings! Yea,
blessing more and more."
What form that blessing taketh
thou mayest not yet know.
But blessing upon blessing,
He waiteth to bestow.

Thou waitest - and He waiteth:
He waiteth now to bless;
To link His sovereign greatness
To human helplessness;
To show, through all life's journey,
His tireless care for thee;
To fill thy incompletness
With His sufficiency.

Thou pausest on the threshold-
enfolded lies the year;
there is no cause for fear.
Through shadowed days or sunlit-
whate'er the year may bring-
This fact may be thy comfort.
God reigns in everything.




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