Let me run this thing!

“With him is wisdom and strength, he has counsel and understanding.” (Job 12:13)

Once I got on a flight out of New York and as we started off, it was terribly windy.... But when we were in that turbulence, I didn't jump up and run into the cockpit and say to the pilots, “Now listen, boys, let me take over.” Do you know where we’d have been if I’d have taken over? We'd have been nose down in Times Square. I didn’t take over; I let the pilots have the controls.

I don’t mind a little turbulence when we’re landing or taking off, but when we’re flying up there at 17.000 feet and the “fasten your seat belt” sign comes on, I say to myself, “Uh-oh—what are we in for now?” But I have always kept my head and I’ve never gone forward to the cockpit and said, “Now, you two fellows get out of here”—never.

And yet we’re doing that to God all the time. We go to church and we pray to give our heart to the Lord; ... we join the church and get baptized. But then things get turbulent and we run and say, “Lord, let me run this thing!” That’s why we’re so messed up in our Christian lives. We’re not ready to let God run our world for us—to run our family, our business, our home, our job, our everything.

Lord, no matter how turbulent my life may get, I commit here and now to letting You keep the controls. Amen.


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