No Missionary Work...


...during Olympics in China?

The following recording is from a nation-wide Christian radio programm in the US. The title is:

Franklin Graham Says, "No Missionary Work During Olympics."

Vic began by presenting information from China Aid, an organization that deals with the underground church. The incidents Vic details include torture and beating on a scale that boggles the mind.

In spite of stories such as these, Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, said last Friday that he's opposed to missionary work at this summer's Olympic games. His statements were part of a visit to Beijing where he was conducting meetings with the Communist-Party controlled Protestant church movement.

An Associated Press story referenced by Vic notes that the Chinese Protestant church has grown rapidly in recent years but that the Communist Party maintains strict control over the official church. Those from underground, independent churches, those that often meet in private homes, are subject to harassment and arrest.

Why would Franklin Graham go and visit a Chinese Communist Government Protestant mega-church when he knows that house church leaders are being brutalized all over China for their refusal to conform with communist restrictions?

Where is the exception clause in the great commission that reads this way: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...”? (Mk 16:15 KJV) Where in the Bible does it teach that gospel dissemination is to stop during our modern version of a Greco-Roman sports festival? Worse yet, who said the gospel is to stop being disseminated until we obtain permission from a Christ-hating, human-rights abusing communist regime? Where are the modern day Christians, sold out to Christ, who have the boldness Peter had as shown in Acts 5:25-33?

Vic ended the program challenging listeners to be introspective; examining to see if perhaps we, in our churches, have become cold, carnal and fleshly; a behavior that may have us looking in the wrong direction for the blessing of God.

(CrossTalk America)

LET US PRAY FOR SUFFERING SAINTS! And may the Lord help us to be faithful!


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