Practical fellowship

In the midst of sorrows, difficulties, and dangers we shall need the mutual support of one another. We may at times be tasted by isolation, but practical fellowship is God's way for His people. Let us then consider one another, and not forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb 10:24-25).

The vanity and self-sufficiency of the flesh may esteem the help of others of little value; but a true sense of our own nothingness will lead us not only to look first, and above all, to the One that is faithful, but also to value the support of our brethren. And those we value we shall consider, seeking to draw out the love we need and the practical help of their good works...

Let us seek to provoke to love by showing love

None can neglect the gathering together of God`s people without loss. To forsake the gathering of the saints is a sure sign of waning affection. Oftentimes a course of habitual neglect of the meeting precedes leaving an assembly to turn back to the world or worldly religion.

As "the day" - the day of glory - approaches, the difficulties will increase, making it all the more needful that we should seek support of one another and not neglect the assembling together of the saints.


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