Profitable Biblestudy

"He who believes shall not make haste." (Isaiah 28:16)

This is a rule which it is both our wisdom and welfare to heed in all the varied details of our lives—never more needed by God's people than in this mad age of speed and hurry.

Most profitably may we apply it to our reading and study of God's Word. It is not so much the amount of time we spend upon the Scriptures as it is the measure in which we prayerfully meditate upon that which is immediately before us. That largely determines the degree of benefit the soul receives therefrom.

By passing too quickly from one verse to another, by failing to vividly picture before our minds the details before us, and by not taking pains to discover the practical lessons which may be drawn from historical events, we are greatly the losers.

It is by putting ourselves in the position of the one we are reading about and thinking what we would most likely have done in such circumstances, that we receive the most help.


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