On the verge of death

Last year a sister went to work in a rice field in India. While she was working she realized that something hurt her foot.

She continued working but after a few minutes foam came out her mouth. She had been bitten by a poisonous snake. She took a bundle of grass and went to her home. When she arrived at home she became unconscious. Just before becoming unconscious she remembered Philippians 1:21 where Paul says: “For me to live is Christ, but to die is gain.” Although she is illiterate she remembered this verse.  

The previous day a brother had visited her and had given her some money for medicine. Now when her husband found her in her unconscious condition he looked for money to hire a taxi. Finally he found the money that came from the visiting brother in his wife’s bible. With this he brought her to a small hospital nearby.

At the hospital she got some injections. But there were no good doctors available. The people there recommended to shift her to a better hospital. But this was very expensive and the family is very poor. Normally the good hospital will only receive people when they pay money in advance. But in this case a brother called them by phone while he was still on the way to get there. He pleaded the hospital management to receive her although she is poor - and he promised to pay the bill later.

By the grace of God the hospital management accepted it. They took her to the emergency unit and gave her good treatment. Nevertheless they lost the hope that she would survive. Every day she stayed in the hospital the bill was increasing. As the family was not able to bear such expenses they decided to shift her to another hospital although the doctors said that the transport would be very dangerous for her.

But the Lord protected her on the way. He also gave grace in leading someone to come forward to support the family financially.

After 6 days the sister became conscious again. The first thing she remembered was Philippians 1:21. The brother who had visited her one day before she got bitten by the snake was present when she woke up with a smile in her face. She directly started to praise the Lord.

Then the sister said to the Lord: “You have saved my life. What can I do for you?” This year (2019) she took some tracts and went door to door in her village telling the people what God had done for her and asking them to receive Christ as their personal Saviour!

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