Showing the meekness and long-suffering of Christ

“Be my imitators, even as I also am of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1)

J. N. was a Brahmin attending our mission school. As he grew up, the teaching of Christ attracted him, and he was the faithful scholar of one of our lady missionaries at Sunday school as well. When he left school and was beginning to earn his own living, he was drawn to confess publicly that Christ was his Savior. He did this in the face of the bitterest opposition of a widowed mother and relations. Then they tried a more subtle plan: they began to please him.

Their kindness won his heart - he went back home, and he was surrounded by young men who led him into drink. It must have been an inherited weakness with him. He fell, and denied his Lord. But, thank God, he was miserable, and went to see Mr. Hyde, who received him as did the father his prodigal son.

The lad living with Mr. Hyde was won from his evil ways, and once again confessed faith in his Savior: but what a trial he was when the drink demon would possess him! Again and again he stole Mr. Hyde’s clothes, and sold them to satisfy his mad craving.

I met Mr. Hyde about that time, and he said to me with a smile, "I may not get up to you to the hills this summer; the Father evidently desires me to spend my hot weather in the plains, for I have no warm clothes left!” He took the "spoiling of his goods" cheerfully and thought they were a small price to pay in exchange for an immortal soul.

He would point out how our Lord bore with Judas and others how He never sent any away who were anxious to remain in His company, and so Hyde bore with this demon-possessed youth. In his sane moments the lad realized what a privilege was his to live with such a saint.

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