A Due Reaping

"In due season we shall reap — if we faint not." (Galatians 6:9)

Believer! all the glory of your salvation belongs to Jesus — none to yourself! Every jewel in your eternal crown is His.

The confession of time — will be the ascription of all eternity: "By the grace of God I am what I am!" But though "all is of grace," your God calls you to personal strenuousness in the work of your high calling — to "labor," to "fight," to "wrestle," to "agonize;" and the heavenly reaping will be in proportion to the earthly sowing: "He who sows sparingly — shall also reap sparingly; and He who sows bountifully — shall also reap bountifully!" (2. Corinthians 9:6).

What an incentive to holy living, and increased spiritual attainments! My soul! would you be a star shining high and bright in the skies of glory? Would you receive the ten-talent recompense?

Then do not be weary. Put on your armor for fresh conquests. Be daily gaining some new victory over sin. Deny yourself. Be a willing cross-bearer for your Lord's sake. Do good to all men as you have opportunity; be patient under provocation, "slow to anger," resigned in trial.

Let the world take knowledge of you — that you are wearing Christ's uniform, and bearing Christ's spirit, and sharing Christ's cross. And when the reaping time comes, He who has promised that the cup of cold water cannot go unrecompensed, will not allow you to lose your reward!


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