Christ, the BUILDER

The Master Builder superintends the whole work, and regulates the proceeding in every part. Likewise does Jesus, in the building of His Church. It was long ago predicted that "he shall build the temple of the Lord, and He should bear the glory!"

He chooses the materials from the quarry of nature, and squares and fits them for the places they are to occupy — by His providence, word, and Spirit. And when they are fitted for their places — then they are removed to the building. The smallest stone is necessary and useful in its place, and the weakest Christian has a place in our Redeemer's Church.

His wisdom appears in fitting such rough and unsightly materials to be ornamental parts of His building below! "Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father." His patience is unequaled in bearing with them, and using one means after another, until He has accomplished His gracious design. Indeed, every perfection of His nature, will shine forth in unrivaled luster, when the temple of Jehovah is completed, and the topstone is brought forth with shouts of "Grace, grace, unto it!"

Builder of your church below, let me occupy a place immediately beneath your eye, where I shall shine to your praise, until removed to your building above! O bring many more stones, and use me in the work of squaring and fitting them to show forth your praise!

In this blessed building, may my soul,
A living stone appear;
And He the builder of the whole
Shall all the glory bear!


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