Christ, the FRIEND

But let us call on a Friend who lives near this spot. How sweet is friendship! How it sweetens life, and the very mention  of the word reminds us of that "Friend who sticks closer than a brother."

His heart is tender,
His hand is strong,
His resources boundless,
and His promises are sure!

He has engaged to be to us — all that a friend can be, and all that our souls could wish for. He will . . .
and help us,
and protect us,
and will supply all of our needs!

He always welcomes us to tell our troubles to Him, and when we bring our requests to His throne. His bosom is friendship's permanent dwelling place, and He delights to show Himself friendly. Hear Him say, "Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me!" "He shall deliver you in six troubles: yes, in seven there shall no evil touch you."

Precious Friend of poor friendless sinners! You plead our cause in Heaven — having bled for our ransom on earth. He is still saying, "I will come unto you, and I will bless you!" "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you!"

How sweet to be allowed to call
The God whom Heaven adores, my Friend,
To tell my thoughts; to tell them all,
And then to know my prayers ascend.

My Father's wisdom cannot err,
His love no change or failure knows;
Be mine His counsel to prefer,
And acquiesce in all He does!



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