Come, Lord Jesus!


„He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.“ (Rev 22:20 KJV)

Whatever the mind is most fixed upon, and is ever turning to, gives its impress to the mind; if my feelings and thoughts are fixed on Christ, I get the impress of Christ. If I am ever turning to Him in all His heavenly measure of love, I shall get its impress. If my soul then rises to Christ in that freshness of love which can say, “Come, Lord Jesus,” there is His answer in all freshness, “Surely I come quickly.” He does not forget us toiling through the wilderness and the sands of the desert; He is with us all the way, and all freshness is in Him. If the heart turns to the heart of Christ, the heart of God’s Son, I find that heart immeasurably fuller than mine of love—there is always freshness of love. I may be a wayworn pilgrim, there I shall find freshness—a spring of cold water to refresh me just when fainting in the wilderness. Oh, that love in the heart of Christ, that knows no weariness, no dragging steps, no hanging down of the hands! I may always turn to Him, and say, “Come!” His heart can always answer, “Surely I come quickly.” Oh, the freshness of Christ’s love, and the brightness of that water forever flowing in incomparable purity and freshness!


Soon will the Master come: soon pass away
Our times of conflict, grief, and suffering here;
Our night of weeping end in cloudless day,
And sorrow’s moment like a dream appear:
Eternity—with Jesus—in the skies—
How soon that Sun of righteousness may rise!
We shall behold Him, whom not seen we love;
We shall be with Him, whom we long to see;
We shall be like Him, fit for realms above,
With Him, and like Him, for eternity:
Is now to sit at Jesus’ feet our choice?
How will fruition then our souls rejoice!

G.V.W. / J.G.D.

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