Features of a disciple of Christ

Points to Consider

As a verb, the word disciple occurs four times in the New Testament. One of those uses is an imperative command, found in Matthew 28:19-20, the verses we normally refer to as “The Great Commission.” The disciples of Jesus were told before his ascension that they were “to make disciples of all nations.” This command is only found in Matthew’s gospel.

But as mentioned in the Introduction, the word disciple occurs about 260 other times in the Greek New Testament. As a noun, a disciple is a learner, one who follows his teacher and learns from him. Often a disciple would live with the teacher; following his every move and serving him however he could. The Lord Jesus had many disciples. Yet some were just there as “hangers on,” leaving when things got tough, while others were true converts, as seen in John 6:60-69.

In Matthew 10 the Lord Jesus calls His twelve apostles. In this chapter we see instruction for those specific apostles (10:1-15); then He gives instructions for future disciples (10:16-23); and in 10:24-42 He gives instruction for what we would call present-day disciples. These are specific instructions for all who desire to follow Christ today. In this section the Lord sets forth the essence of Christian dedication, the features and cost of being a real disciple of Christ. The passage in Matthew 10:24-42 presents several features of true discipleship.

Suggested focus:

  • A disciple of Christ emulates his/her Master (Matthew 10:24-25)
  • A disciple of Christ need not fear men (Mathew 10:26-31)
  • A disciple has assurance to rest upon (Matthew 10:29- 31)
  • A disciple confesses the Lord (Matthew 10:32-33)
  • A disciple gives Christ the preeminent place (Matthew10:34-37)
  • A disciple offers his own life (Matthew 10:32-36)
  • A disciple is a blessing to others (Matthew 10:40-42)


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A Disciple of Christ and the Requirements to be one Daily discipline in a disciple's life

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