God knows our frame

"He knows our frame; He remembers that we are but dust!" Psalm 103:14

God does not treat us as if we were strong, holy, and unfallen angels! He does not forget that we are weak, that it is hard for us to live right, that we are easily tempted and overcome. He is very patient and gentle with us when we have sinned — binding up our wounds, restoring our soul. He does not lay upon us loads too great for us — for He knows how weak we are! He gives us help, too, with our burdens — that we need not faint under them.

We ought to get a great deal of comfort out of these words.

You say you are so weak that you cannot resist temptation. Does not God know it? Will He not help you to overcome?

You are weary through trouble or burden-bearing—but God knows all about it! You find your work hard, and cannot see how you are ever to get through with it; but God understands. He knows how frail you are; He remembers that you are only dust. He is pitiful, and gives always needed help!


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