God, the Portion of His People (3)

Christians, rejoice that God is yours! All of His glorious attributes and perfections are yours!


God is . . .

an infinite Being,

without bounds to His essence,

wonderful in His actions,

inconceivable in His purposes,

and inexpressible in His attributes.


He is . . .

infinitely more than worlds in himself;

too high for our speculations,

and too majestic for our descriptions!

Though He seems at an immeasurable distance from us; and reason seems to prevent fellowship between this glorious Being and such sinful creatures as we are—yet He is the God of all His redeemed people!

Here then comes in the incarnate Word of God, to soften the dazzling splendor of his greatness. The beautiful testimony concerning Him, throws a sweet and sacred mildness round His throne, that its radiance may not be too much for us. "Though the Lord be high—yet he has respect to the lowly." (Psalm 138,6)


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