Sanctifying Solitude

For a saint to have solitude is of the deepest importance, because it is then the heart renews its acquaintance with the Lord Jesus who only has entrance into our most solitary retreats. When we are thoroughly alone and apart, He loves to be our companion; it is, so to speak, the time for Him to come, like the ray of light which permeates into the dark cavern wherever it can; and to the inmate of the cavern never was light more prized.

I believe there are two things learned in solitude that cannot be gained otherwise — one, that I see myself apart from everyone and everything, a very necessary matter; and the other, that I see the Lord in quite a peculiar light, in a singular and unique way, apart from everything and everyone. His individuality, blessed be His Name, comes out to me in solitude in a way it never does in a crowd.


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