Since when did the Church become a Building?!

In this video, we're looking at the history of the Church, as far back as we can go, in order to discover the when, the where, and the how of the first church buildings known to archeology. We hope that this video betters your understanding of the Church and where it is today.


0:00   - Intro
0:33   - The first Christians met at first mainly in houses
5:09   - The first time that "ekklesia" has been used with regard to a gathering place
6:44   - Dura Europos - the oldest known Christian assembly home (232/233 AD)
7:35   - Fresscos in the Dura Europos home (church)
9:08   - Qirqbize - example of a transitional house church building
10:23 - Fafertin - One of the oldest surviving church buildings in the world
11:00 - Final thoughts


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