Some Hints to Praying Souls! (1)

We venture to suggest a few thoughts on prayer, which embody some of our most mature convictions upon this great subject, and are suggested alike by Scripture teaching and by the experience of praying saints.

Give yourself to the Lord anew as an intercessor, to undertake and fulfill in yourself all the conditions requisite to your becoming a perfect channel of blessing; and to put to the proof the promise: “If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you shall ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you” (John 15:7).

Consider well before you put any object or person before you in prayer; whether it is according to the will of God; whether you can claim for your request a definite promise, whether it is laid as a burden on your heart by the spirit of prayer, and having so determined, never cease praying till you have the answer, or at least the assurance of answer.

Unite with you in prayer, one or more of the most devout disciples, especially in critical cases. One great advantage is that selfishness is apt to color our supplications, and when others are united with us, they are less affected by motives that may unduly influence us.

You may be sure that there is no truer index of what you are spiritually than is found in what you habitually desire and yearn for, and this will naturally find expression in your secret prayer habit.

No matter what prayer has secured, attained or achieved for us, boundless possibilities still lie before us. It may be doubted whether we have yet touched more than the fringe of the garment of a prayer-hearing God. We come timid and trembling, when we ought to come boldly and confidently. We ask but little, where we should only honor God by making large demands.


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