The humility of Christ (7)

Using His power for others but not for Himself

It is striking to see that Christ never used His power for His personal benefit. When He was tempted by the devil in the wilderness He could have turned stones into bread. But He didn’t do it. Instead He allowed His disciples to go into the city in order to buy provisions (John 4).

But when He later saw on one occasion 5000 and on another occasion 4000 men (plus women and children) without food, He was moved with compassion for them and did a miracle to respond to their needs. Interestingly, we don’t read that He Himself ate of the breads or fishes that He had multiplied. In great humility He didn’t focus on His own needs like a servant who is willing to take the lowest place.

It was the Son of God who took care of the foxes and provided roosting places for the birds but He Himself had nothing where to lay down His head (Matth 8:20). When He entered into His creation, there was no place for Him in the inn. Instead of receiving a bed He was put in a manger. Later, during His public ministry we read: “And every one went to his home ... But Jesus went to the mount of olives” (John 7:53;8:1). We never see that He carried money with Him. Finally, at the end of His life, His enemies even took His clothing.

No one of us has the supernatural power to do the miracles the Lord Jesus did. But God has entrusted us with other things which we may use for the benefit of others. If we have money in our hands we may ask ourselves, how much of it we are going to use for our own benefit and how much we are going to use for the blessing of others. The same question applies to all things that we possess. It requires humility to think more of the needs of others than of our own.


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