The skill in dealing with hurt lives

"He will not break a bruised reed, and He will not put out a smoldering wick." (Matthew 12:20)

It is a high honor that is conferred upon us—when God sends to us human hearts to be comforted, or human souls to be helped.

Yet every thoughtful person must tremble as he accepts the responsibility of such delicate and holy work.

It is a serious moment when there is brought to a surgeon a case, on the skillful treatment of which, a life depends; or when a physician stands by a bedside to administer remedies at critical illness.

But it is a far more serious moment, when a human life is put into one's hands to be cured of its faults—or comforted in its sorrow—or to have its heart's wounds healed.

We need divine skill and wisdom, and great delicacy, for such sacred work!

Only Christ can teach us how to deal with human lives, in their need and sorrow. He has a most gentle touch. He binds up with infinite skill the wounds that sin or grief have made. He never breaks a bruised reed. He will give us skill in dealing with hurt lives.


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