The world after the flood – Who holds the reins?

“Has Jehovah's hand become short?” (Numbers 11:23)

After God had judged the world through the flood, He made a new beginning with Noah and his family. But again, the people failed. Instead of obeying their Creator, trusting that He only wanted the best for them, they tried to reach heaven with their own efforts at the Tower of Babel. Their pride even led them so far that they wanted to make a name for themselves and control the population of the earth independently of God (see Gen 11).

Is this not also typical for our time? People strive to maintain control themselves rather than hand it over it to God. How does this look like in your life?

What was the attitude of Jesus when He lived here on earth? In the midst of His disciples, He was the servant who washed their feet (see Luke 22:27; John 13). He did not seek his own glory here, but sought the glory of the One Who sent Him (see John 7:18; 8:50). Instead of wanting to control everything Himself, He gave the guidance of His life to the Spirit of God and made Himself dependent on what His Father communicated to Him. Resting in the knowledge that God holds the reins, He said to Pilate: "You would have no authority whatever against me if it were not been given to you from above" (John 19:11).


In which areas of life do you find it hard to be humble?

Have you deliberately/consciously let the reins of your life go from your  grasp so that your Lord can take over the leadership, or is there something holding you back from this? Are you ready/prepared/willing - trusting fully in Him - to let go more?


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