God wants us to live by the day

"The jar of flour was not used up—and the jug of oil did not run dry." (1 Kings 17:16)

There was always just a little flour and a little oil—but the supply never grew any less. After each day's food had been taken out—there was another day's left. There was never a month's supply ahead, nor even two days' supply. The added provision came—only as there was need. Thus there was in that household, a continuous lesson in faith. But the food of no day failed.

The lesson is, that God wants us to live by the day. The same truth is taught us in the prayer Christ gave: "Give us this day, our daily bread." Enough for the day is all we are to ask. God does not promise supplies in advance. If we have only bread for today, and are doing our duty faithfully, we may trust him until tomorrow, for tomorrow's food. And it will surely come, for God's Word fails not.

It is well that we get this lesson fixed in our heart at the beginning of the year. As the days come, each one will bring with it its own little basket, carrying a day's supplies—but no more!


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