God works at both ends of the line

"When he came to the gate of the city, behold, the widow woman was there." (1 Kings 17:10)

How this illustrates once more a principle to which we have frequently called the attention of the reader, namely, that when God works, He always works at both ends of the line.

If Jacob sends his sons down into Egypt seeking food in time of famine, Joseph is moved to give it unto them.

If Israel's spies enter Jericho, there is a Rahab raised up to shelter them.

If Mordecai is begging the Lord to come to the deliverance of His threatened people, king Ahasuerus is rendered sleepless, made to search the State records and befriend Mordecai and his fellows.

If the Ethiopian eunuch is desirous of an understanding of God's Word, Philip is sent to expound it to him.

If Cornelius is praying for an opening up of the Gospel, Peter is charged to preach it to him.

Elijah had received no intimation as to where this widow resided, but Divine providence timed her steps so that she encountered him at the entrance to the city. What encouragements to faith are these!


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