Precision and perseverance in prayer

“Because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her” (Luke 18:5).

We should be careful about what we ask from God; but when once we begin to pray for a thing we should never give up praying for it until we receive it, or until God makes it very clear and definite that it is not His will to grant it. (R.A.T.) 

It is said of John Bradford that he had a peculiar art in prayer. When asked his secret, he said: “When I know what I want, I always stop on that prayer until I feel that I have pleaded it with God, and until God and I have had dealings with each other upon it. I never go on to another petition until I have gone through the first.”

To the same point Mr. Spurgeon said: “Do not try to put two arrows on the string at once—they will both miss. He that would load his gun with two charges cannot expect to be successful. Plead once with God and prevail, and then plead again. Get the first answer and then go after the second.

Do not be satisfied with running the colors of your prayers into one another until there is no picture to look at, but just a huge daub—a smear of colors badly laid on.” Far better would it be to know what our real needs are, and then concentrate our earnest supplications upon those definite objects, taking them thoughtfully one at a time.

“Ask what I shall give thee.”


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