Are you ready?

A traveller in Italy, writing to a paper, describes a visit paid to a certain spot as follows:

I arrived at the Villa Areconati, on the banks of Lake Como, the “beauty-spot” of the Italian Alps. A gardener opened the heavy gate, and conducted me through the exquisite garden.

“How long have you been here?” I asked him. “Twenty-five years.”

“And how often has the owner been to see the estate?”

“Four times.”

“When did he come last?”

"Twelve years ago.” “He writes to you, I suppose?”


"From whom, then, do you get your orders?” “From the steward, in Milan.”

“Does he come here often?”


“Who comes, then, to look after matters?”

“I am left pretty much alone; very seldom do I see any stranger.”

“Yet you keep the garden so spick and span, find in such apple-pie order, that one would think you were expecting the owner to-morrow.”

“Today, sir, TODAY,” was the old man’s reply.

This is how we should be, each day of our lives; our conduct, our manner of life, our affairs, all arranged as if we were expecting the Saviour today.

"Watch, therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”


Questions for our life:

Imagine Christ would come today. Is there still anything that you need to confess or to put in order before you can look into His eyes?

What practical impact has the hope of His coming on your life and in view of the decisions that you take?


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