Give all you can

J.C. Stribling and the stock market crash in America.

Prior to the depression Stribling was a wealthy Texas rancher. He owned a great deal of land, thousands of head of cattle and a fortune in stocks and bonds. During this time he gave 150.000 USD to build a girls' dormitory on the campus of Mary Harding-Baylor College, a Baptist college in Texas. 

Then came the depression. Stribling lost his entire fortune. He was reduced to virtual poverty. One day in 1933 a man came to the side of Stribling's old run-down Ford and spoke to Stribling and his wife. 

Pastor Brandon explained that he had just returned from driving a group of girls to enrol in the college. He had spent a night there and now wanted to thank Mr Stribling for his gift of the college. 

Stribling was silent for a few moments as his eyes were filled with tears. Then he spoke, "That was all we saved out of a mighty fortune. It was what we gave away that we were able to keep forever."

Then he added his challenge, "Preacher, tell people to give all they can to the Kingdom of God while they have it. I wish I had given more."

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