Be man of courage

"Be men of courage; be strong." (1 Corinthians 16:13)

Gentleness and good temper are not all. One may have these qualities, and yet be lacking in the completeness of well-rounded Christian character. There must be strength as well as beauty.

Love is the fulfilling of the law; all the commandments being summed up in one, "You shall love." But love is a large word. It is like one of those composite pictures, into which many pictures are blended.

All the elements of duty to God and to our fellows—are wrapped up in the divine conception of loving.

It will not do, therefore, for us to take merely the things that belong to the gentle side, and think of these as the whole of Christian character.

Christ was infinitely gentle. The warmth of His heart made a tropical summer all about Him. But behind the gentleness, was also infinite strength.

We must be like Him, not only in gentle warmth—but also in truth and strength and righteousness. We must be to others, not only tenderness—but also strength to lean upon, and stability in which they may find refuge.


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