God's Perfect Way

"As for God His way is perfect." (Psalm 18:30)

Do we think of the histories (written for our admonition), of honoured servants of God?

Joseph is put into the pit and into the prison. Moses flees to Midian. The three Hebrew children are cast into the furnace. Daniel is thrown into the den of lions. Jeremiah sinks in the mily pit.

Paul is a prisoner in Philippi and in Rome. John is banished to Patmos. And nearer to our own time John Bunyan is in Bedford Jail, and Samuel Rutherford in St. Andrew's.

Each one might have said, "Not so, Lord!" as to his circumstances, but their training is "to do" them "good in their latter end," and for their testimony as God's witnesses to men, to us to-day, as we begin to see the object God had in view in these dealings.

"Not so, Lord!" each one might have exclaimed. And, yet now, with clearer vision, each would cry, Amen! to all the ways of God with him. And we in these present conditions may raise the same cry, but the word to us is "Be still and know that I am God."


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