When Weakness becomes Power

Those who are not preachers in the technical sense of the word, but are nevertheless called to be witnesses to the truth of Christ - and every Christian is called to this - may derive help from the experience of those whom God has specially used in His service.

  • To the last, Luther felt his knees knock together when he ascended the pulpit. Bunyan, on his way to preach, would ofter be seized with a strange faintness and strengthlessness, so that he could hardly drag himself to the appointed place.
  • Spurgeon spoke of the burden of the Lord as “a burden which at times crushes my whole manhood in the dust of humilitation.”
  • William Burns, on his first return from China, when asked what his emotions were in addressing the Chinese, answered, “Madam, the lost, and a Christ for them.”
  • It was said of Richard Baxter that “the gaining of souls for Christ was the only object for which he lived.”

It is this sense of the greatness of unseen things, the utter uselessness of any fleshly wisdom or power, this compassion for the multitudes and appreciation of the fulness of Christ; this sense of absolute necessity of Divine power, that makes the servant successful, and is the pledge of blessing to come.


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